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It all began with a dream of having a clean kitchen. Erin set out to build something lasting and beautiful that would inspire her to clean the floors she so lovingly installed, and became a vocation. One woman with a few tools, a whole bunch of crafting energy and love for the simple design of the Cuban mop. She started making more for friends and family and soon, a community that grew and is growing in an eco-conscious world.  

The Bruja is a hand-made, Canadian from start to finish, fresh take on a way of life. It is made to last your scrubbing frustrations, and become part of your everyday push towards a cleaner life. Hemlock wood with Purple Heart binding, say Hello to your most useful piece of art.

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Bruja stands alone but you don't. 

We know these are big and shipping isn't the friendliest to the planet, so let's work together! Shipping costs drop dramatically when we can send out multiple at a time. So talk to your friends, or we will work to set up individuals with others close by. Community Coven Shipping.


How do I use a Bruja Mop?

Never buy a mop head again. The Bruja is meant to be the simplest cleaning tool ever. Every tea-towel is a mop head, just wet your towel and place on the ground. Place your Bruja in the center and flip the corners around the base. And you're ready to go! 

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How are they made?

Erin (and let's be honest, her father with the tools) picks out Hemlock pieces with a story and a dream. Specialty tools and a lot of hands on time goes into finishing and binding the mops with purple heart wood. Japanese binding means these pieces are married and any moisture that may creep in only strengthen the bond. 



Erin Anderson

I try to answer all emails asap, but it is only me and the sander is always running so I may take a day or two to get back! In the mean time, check out my Instagram, get excited for your Bruja and stay safe!